Singapore Math

While the humanities is heavily emphasized in classical education, math is no less important and will play a key role in CCA’s educational program


We will utilize the Singapore Math program which will provide our students with a strong conceptual foundation in basic mathematics. This program emphasizes concepts, mental math, and number sense while employing physical and graphical illustrations of underlying mathematical rules and phenomena. 


This program will teach our students mathematical skill building and problem solving strategies. This enables them to not only have a better understanding of a particular equation, but the reasoning behind it. Prior to moving students on to higher levels, ability-level groups will be determined, and adjustments will be made on an as-needed basis in order to best equip each student with the language of numeracy. This way, the program will be employed at each student’s ability level.

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Cornerstone Classical Academy is a publicly funded K-12 charter school open to students who reside within the Duval County Public Schools district. 

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