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Join our Letter Writing Campaign- Immediate Action Needed by May 7, 2019!


We need your help to demonstrate the strong community support for classical education, by way of Cornerstone Classical Academy, to the Duval County Public School Board and the superintendent.  As such, we are asking interested supporters to send an email to each of the school board members and the superintendent supporting the approval of our school. We anticipate the school board will vote on the approval of Cornerstone Classical Academy at their Board meeting on the tentative date of May 7, 2019.  A sample email, talking points, contact information and other pertinent information are listed below. Please email or call us with any questions!


We greatly appreciate all your help and support!

-The CCA Board of Directors

SAMPLE EMAIL [This is just a sample. Feel free to write your own if you wish.]:


Hon. [Grymes],


As a [PARENT/RESIDENT/LOCAL BUSINESS OWNER, ETC.] of [CITY], I am seeking your support in bringing classical education to our students through a new charter school founded by area parents—Cornerstone Classical Academy. I am writing to encourage you to vote “yes” for this new school in Duval County. [Insert your personal reasons for supporting Cornerstone Classical Academy, why classical education important for the community, and a few talking points from below in sentence form]




I am writing to ask for your support of an education model that is new to Duval County, known as classical education. On May 7, you will be asked to consider approving the formation of Cornerstone Classical Academy, a public charter school. It is my hope you will vote “yes,” because [Insert your personal reasons for supporting Cornerstone Classical Academy, why classical education is important for the community, and a few talking points from below in sentence form].


Thank you for your consideration and your service. OR Thank you so much for supporting our students.



Your name


Talking Points:

What to add in your letter? Please feel free to use your own words about Cornerstone Classical Academy. Important: Be positive! We don’t want to alienate school board members by being negative about the public school system.



  • Cornerstone Classical Academy would serve as an independent, not-for-profit public charter school founded by Duval County parents and educators who want access to high-quality, classical education for everyone in our community

  • Building on the existing high quality schools in the Duval County Public School District, the founders of CCA are committed to working collaboratively with the district to serve students and families in the community

  • CCA will receive a suite of services through Hillsdale College’s Barney Charter School Initiative, used by more than 20 schools nationwide

  • These services include curriculum development, teacher training, and training services for board governance

  • Hundreds of Duval County families have expressed an interest in sending their children to CCA. Local families both need and deserve this choice

  • CCA’s high standards and research-based curriculum, supported by a virtue-focused campus, would provide students with a rigorous and complete education that challenges them to excel both in learning and in character

  • Operating as a tuition-free public charter school, CCA would offer all accommodations available through the public school system

  • CCA would open in 2020, offering grades K-6 and expanding to K-12 by 2026

  • We will not only meet and exceed state standards, but also prepare students for success in the future

  • Important distinctions in our curriculum include:

    • Students study Latin roots in the elementary grades to facilitate reading comprehension and vocabulary and begin formal Latin in 6th grade to facilitate grammar and language development

    • Students study history mainly through primary source documents, which foster analytical skills and provide insight into their culture and heritage

    • Students are trained in study skills, such as time management, organization, note-taking, and research, which are essential for academic and future success.

    • Instruction in the classical pillars of virtue are integrated throughout the curriculum and in all grade levels, focusing on integrity, responsibility, self-government, respect, courage, perseverance, and humility.

    • Students are taught the benefits of a virtuous character and are challenged through the lessons taught inside and outside the classroom to develop and strengthen their character



Contact Info:

District 1 - The Honorable Cheryl Grymes|

District 2 - The Honorable Elizabeth Andersen

District 3 - The Honorable Ashley Smith Juarez|

District 4 - The Honorable Darryl Willie|

District 5 - The Honorable Warren A. Jones |  

District 6 - The Honorable Charlotte Joyce |

District 7 - The Honorable Lori Hershey |

Superintendent - Dr. Diana L. Greene:  GREENED@DUVALSCHOOLS.ORG  


Donate Money

Our goal is to raise $5,000 by March 25, 2019 to hire an attorney and Exceptional Students expert to attend our interview on March 29, 2019.

Checks can be sent to

Cornerstone Classical Academy, Inc

7643 Gate Parkway

Suite 104-699

Jacksonville, FL 32256

or make your donation online

Other Info:

Follow this link to view a map containing the school district lines for each board member.

Duval County Public Schools- School Board Members website includes information on each board member and the schools located in their district.

For more information on Hillsdale College’s Barney Charter School Initiative, go here and CCA’s website, go here.

CCA’s email address is and CCA’s phone number is 904.701.4994

About CCA

Cornerstone Classical Academy is a publicly funded K-12 charter school open to students who reside within the state of Florida. 

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